PRIME is a dynamic, flexible software tool providing at your fingertips unparalleled monthly planning and performance monitoring capabilities for Apprenticeships, Traineeships and other workplace-based learning.

By streamlining and simplifying a complex model it helps you make informed planning and delivery decisions quickly, allowing you to focus on action planning, partnership management and business development rather than data management.

Any provider offering workplace-based learning has a difficult balancing act. A highly complex and detailed funding methodology, coupled with an extremely dynamic marketplace, make the prediction of all-year performance against targets both problematic and challenging.

Effective income management is essential in ensuring that funding is optimised and, in turn, potential financial penalties are avoided. Also, for many Providers the predictability of cash flow is critical to the on-going viability of the business.

PRIME handles all the complexity of SFA Funding and Apprenticeship Profiling which means our staff can concentrate on recruiting learners.
Director of Information Services, Walsall College